New Features: CSV Exporting, PDF Receipts and more

We have made great new improvements to Connect Giving. We added the ability to export all donation and registration transactions from the system to a CSV file. This can be opened by Excel or any other spreadsheet software program. PDF receipts are now created automatically for every transaction in the system.

We made changes to Connect Manage as well. The People page layout has been improved and the keyword search function has been expanded. There is now the ability to search just for people with children. We also completed more tweaks and fixes to Connect Manage and Connect Giving.

Latest Connect Manage update

We updated Connect Manage to keep track of previous students to show their graduation date and school attended. The merge profile feature now works with our new custom profile fields system. We also have included other various tweaks and fixes with this update.

Connect Manage and Connect Giving Redesign

We are excited to announce a new version of Connect Manage and Connect Giving! This update features a redesign of the software with a brand new homepage featuring stats about your congregation. We also have a brand new design for the profile pages. We reworked the search page to make it easier to use, and added the ability to select dates for custom fields. We also added the ability to use phone number formatting, and added map integration for addresses.

We also made countless tweaks and minor changes to improve the user experience for our churches. We hope you enjoy the new version of Connect Manage and Connect Giving. Let us know your thoughts by clicking the “Give Feedback” link at the top of the page.

Connect Giving Update

We have just launched our new merchant account solution that integrates seamlessly with Connect Giving. You can now process E-Check and Credit Card donations without having donors deal with Paypal. All Connect Giving accounts are now compatible.

Please get in contact with us if you would like this added to your church account.

Real Merchant Accounts Coming Soon

After a thorough process, we have finalized a merchant partnership that will allow us to offer real merchant accounts with the upcoming version of Connect Giving. For only $15 per month, with no hidden fees, you will be able to accept Credit Cards and E-Check/ACH transactions from members of your congregation.

Our new version of Connect Giving will allow you to accept one-time and recurring gifts from donors easily with a merchant account. You will also be able to export transactions and view giving stats inside the software. Look for the new version of Connect Giving coming soon!

Connect Manage Update

We have added the ability to enter a specific school name when setting a profile as a student in Connect Manage. This will allow the ability to search by school to help locate these students easily. You can also set a graduation date if you like so they don’t stay a student forever.

We have also made some upgrades to the search function and made some other minor bug fixes and tweaks. Over the next month or two we will be adding even more exciting features to Connect Manage. Stay tuned!

Connect Giving Added at No Charge

We are happy to announce that Connect Giving is now included with all of our products on Growth or Pro plans. Just last week we added Connect Giving for free to Connect Podcast Pro to give those churches who are podcasting with us the ability to accept online gifts free of charge.

Take a look at our updated pricing at and start a free trial today!